Condair EL electrode boiler steam humidifier

The Condair EL electrode boiler steam humidifier provides reliable steam humidification and is easy to install, use and serv …

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Condair RS resistive steam humidifier

Innovative scale management for easy servicing, accurate humidity control and no disposable boiling cylinders.

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Steam humidifiers - which one is right for my project?

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Condair GS gas-fired steam humidifier

High capacity steam humidification with low operating costs due to economy of using gas rather than electricity.

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Condair ESCO live steam humidifier

Uses a building’s existing steam network to provide dry steam humidification to an air handling unit or duct.

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Condair LS live steam humidifier

Economic live steam humidification using a building's existing steam network to deliver dry steam to a duct or AHU.

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Condair SE steam-to-steam humidifier

Provides sterile steam for in-duct or AHU humidification from impure, raw boiler steam.

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Condair CP3 Mini low capacity steam humidifier

Provides up to 4kg/hr of steam either directly to a room or into an air handling unit. Has concealed connections.

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