Mushroom growing humidification & humidity control

Mushroom growing humidification & humidity control

Mushrooms love dark and humid environments. To cultivate mushrooms humidifiers are used to maintain an optimum air humidity of 95%rH.

It is important that the humidification system be capable of delivering drip-free humidity control as any droplets precipitating out of the atmosphere on to the mushrooms would cause brown spots and make them less attractive to customers.

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Benefits of Condair humidification in mushroom growing include:

  • Extensive expertise around the world with many agricultural applications
  • Comprehensive product range to precisely meet customers' requirements
  • Optimum environment for better quality product and increased profits
  • Comprehensive service of expert advice, design, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance and spares supply
  • Low energy systems to minimise operating costs
  • Low maintenance systems to reduce on-going service requirements

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