Kuul FirePro glass fiber cooling media

This superior evaporative media is designed to meet the cooling and humidification needs of the most demanding environments. It has a patented design and manufacturing process that delivers the lowest pressure drop on the market and meets the rigorous quality standards of ISO and UL900. Low pressure drop results in reduced cooling system energy consumption.

Kuul FirePro media has a flexible composition, giving robust performance and prevents damage even under stress or with rough treatment. It is engineered using the highest quality inorganic materials, resistant to chlorine and biocides, and offers exceptionally fast rinsing times to minimise maintenance downtime.

The media is manufactured with integrated fire retardancy, rather than a fire-retardant coating being applied, providing utmost performance throughout its lifetime.

An optional droplet eliminator (DE) is available to eliminate moisture carry-over from the media in high air velocity applications exceeding 3.5m/s. 

Kuul FirePro media is available to retrofit into existing evaporative cooling applications, and can be supplied in custom sizes or in stainless steel cassettes from 5-30cm widths.

Features and benefits

  • Unmatched efficiency and absorption
  • Fire retardancy integrated into the media substrate (not sprayed-on)
  • Flexible composition prevents damage due to mis-handling or accidents
  • ISO and UL900 certified.
  • Available with and without cassette housing
  • Droplet eliminator option for high velocity airflow >3.5m/s

Ideal for data centres

High efficiency, low pressure drop and flame-retardant peformance makes Kuul FirePro media ideal for data centre applications

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