Condair Helps The Vyra Hotel Create The Perfect Atmosphere

The palatial Vyra Suites Hotel in Qatar, has installed four dehumidifiers from Condair to create the perfect “blue sky” atmosphere for guests enjoying its luxury indoor swimming and hydro pool areas. The dehumidifiers are creating the ideal air humidity of 60%RH to prevent moisture evaporation from the pools causing condensation in the area or an uncomfortably humid environment.

The installation was carried out by Mentor Trading and was part of a recent refurbishment of the 44-storey luxury property, which is part of the NH Collection Hotel Group and is located in West Bay, Doha's prominent business district. The four Condair DP-C 200 condensing dehumidifiers are ceiling mounted systems, each capable of extracting up to 190 litres per day (@30°C/80%RH).

Kiran Nair, Sales Engineer at Mentor Trading commented “The ceiling mounted dehumidifiers are compact in size and were fixed above the pool and spa areas, in an upper floor. Air grilles, which extract humid and return dry air, are discretely located above the swimming pools, in a painted, cloudy-blue-sky ceiling scene, designed to further enhance the relaxing spa environment.”

Kiran, continues. “We were very satisfied with Condair’s service and their prompt response to the project. The quality of the Condair DP-C dehumidifiers is of a high standard and they were easy to install and simple for the customer to operate. We look forward to a working with the Condair team in the future”.

This type of ceiling mounted system is particularly suitable for commercial applications with limited space, like indoor pools and spa areas. All sound-emitting components, such as compressors and fans, are located away from the public area, thus keeping noise to a minimum. Servicing can also take place without disrupting business operations.

Condair’s Middle East General Manager, Mahmoud Widyan, commented. “We are very proud to have provided the dehumidification units for this project at the Vyra Suites Hotel and to have worked with Mentor Trading to help maintain the highest quality atmosphere for this first class hotel. The Condair DP-C dehumidification system is proven technology, specifically designed for indoor pool areas. It protects against condensation and associated issues it can cause, such as corrosion. The Condair DP-C also has the option to use heat produced in the dehumidifying process to heat the pool water, thus saving energy. Hotel operators with indoor swimming pools should always insist on a contemporary and efficient dehumidification system being installed, such as the Condair DP-C.”

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Get expert advice on your next dehumidifier project

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