Condair HP high pressure in-duct humidifier

The Condair HP delivers adiabatic humidification and cooling to an air handling unit (AHU) or duct. A series of nozzles mounted across the air stream atomise water under high pressure creating a fine mist that is rapidly absorbed. A droplet separator downstream removes any un-evaporated moisture from the air ensuring droplet-free humidification.

The nozzle lines are connected to a high pressure pump station and a water treatment system. Minerals are removed from the supply water before it is provided to the nozzle lines at between 60-70bar. A single pump station is capable of supplying nozzle lines in multiple AHUs with up to 1,300kg/hr of moisture. The system has a high humidification capacity and offers up to 884kW of adiabatic cooling from just 2.2kW of consumed electricity.

The nozzles and their manifolds are manufactured from high quality stainless steel. The oil-free high pressure pump also has stainless steel construction and carries an 8,000 hour guarantee.

Hygiene is ensured with UV sterilisation and regular flush cycles so that water cannot remain in the system to stagnate.


Features and benefits

  • Low energy, high capacity humidification & cooling
  • Can supply multiple AHUs from one pump station
  • Humidification and evaporative cooling
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Easy to install and low service requirement

Humidifies multiple ducts with one system

The Condair HP can provide low energy humidification to multiple AHUs or ducts from a sinlge pump station, reducing the overall cost of the system.

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